Stealth Persuasion Training Workshops

After gaining access to the Stealth Persuasion Training System, each customer will have uninterrupted access to the 12 workshop recordings, that were held between April and August 2012. Each workshop is approximately 2 hours in duration, 24 hours in all.


Swipe files are text based digital notes or .jpg images accessible to any PC or Mac operating system for ease of use. These files can be used to make suggestions on how to structure sales letters, emails, opt-in scripts, video scripts and website content.

The website content critique consultation video is an MP4 file delivered via email or uploaded to a secure Youtube page for easy viewing (in some cases, it will be a text-based critique). It is created with the Camtasia screen-capture software and is a personal 'editor in a box' for making the changes I suggest in the critique. It is a unique experience made just for you. It's similar to sending a manuscript to an editor for re-write. Take the suggestions to heart or not, it's up to you. 


The price for the training stands at $97 for full access to all of the products and workshops. The $37 payment plan includes the same full access to the products, with three (3) payments billed each 30 days for a total of $111.

You can cancel the payment plan at any time and keep the videos and swipe files, but you will be removed from access to the workshops. After my editing consultation is delivered to you, there will be no refunds of the purchase price. I will put a lot of personal time into your unique one-on-one critique, so I think that's fair. 

Cancel by notifying me in writing at:  


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