Who is Colin?

After working with hundreds of Tom Antion's mentees as his trusted Marketing Manager and running the Internet Marketing Training Center as Head Instructor, I decided to follow my dream of being an author.

In October 2011, I published my first novel: Secondhand God (I've penned numerous "how to" and non-fiction books). The entire process of writing fiction opened my eyes to how we immerse ourselves into stories. We let ourselves go, we let the author take us to our deepest places and we spend a large chunk of our free time escaping to this alternate realm of fantasy. In this state of mind, we are very open to suggestion. The most famous authors, from Shakespeare to King, have used this platform to reveal their profound thoughts and most intimate feelings to us.... and we let them.

What if we approached our website content in the same way?

Open suggestibility and time investment are the keys to making money on the web. The Stealth Persuasion
Training Workshop explains what is most important to website visitors and what keeps them coming back. You, as a website owner, can build trust, credibility and rapport with your prospects by identifying what matters to them most. 

There's a lot of competition on the web. More than you want to think about. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable knowing that your website, emails and sales letters are working for you?

Being a part of this community gives you the valuable opportunity to work one-on-one with me. You're in safe hands with me by your side, sharing my years of proven experience with you. I care about the success of your business.

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